Friday, August 17, 2007

thebrownmommy emerges!

It's about time I've finally gotten on the bandwagon with this blogging thing. thebrowndaddy hates the word "blog" but that's what it's called and who am I to change it?

So, I'm thebrownmommy and you can learn all about this new venture at You might even discover that you or someone you know is a brownmommy, too! I felt the need to create a place where moms like myself could talk about and share the things that affect us as mothers raising brown children in this world. We face some real unique challenges indeed and I have yet to find a place online that really deals with my personal circumstances: a stay-at-home mother of color, with three children, a husband who works from home, living deep in the suburbs of a rather undiverse city, a crafter, a writer, an entrepreneur... this list goes on.

Anyway, check it out and hopefully you'll get what I'm going for.

I plan to also use this blog to let you know what is going on with me and mine -- chances are, you'll see yourself in these stories. Or not. Either way, you'll see I'm trying to get through everyday, just like you, with grace, finesse, sanity! The joys of motherhood -- will you take the journey with me?

'Til next time...

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Cara said...

Hi Brown Mommy! I am so excited and impressed that you started such a neccessary tool for Moms of Color. Best wishes & Good Luck!