Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Alone I Am Not

Everytime I get an email telling me another mom has discovered thebrownmommy or a post on the forum boards sharing an experience like my own, I am filled. Filled with pride, satisfaction, and that feeling in the deep core of my heart that tells me what I have done by creating this website is SO needed and appreciated.

As brownmommies, we experience things that all moms do but we just may experience them a little differently. We have varying experiences with our children who wonder if their skin will turn lighter when they grow up, have people liken their pony puffs to poodles, or not play with them because they're brown.

I am so proud of this site and of all the mommies who have bravely told their stories and have been willing to step out and say "that's me, too!"

Let's keep doing it, mommies! Spread the word!!

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Miyah said...

Just wanted to say that it's good to know that I nor my children are not the only ones still experiencing the lack of intelligence, and plain outright stupidity of some people today. It is almost 2008 and some people still judge people by the color of their skin. One day recently, I was at a so-called friends house chatting about life in general when this woman brought up something about race, black people to be specific. Anyway, I realized that her teenage daughter would go everywhere with anybody but not anybody black. I asked this woman why? She had the audacity to stereotype my people and admit that her daughter was afraid of black people because she said that we like to fight too much and we are just too loud. It took everything in my power not to curse this woman out, better yet not to knock her out. I guess it's a good thing my mom raised me better than that. Not to mention, I am far too mature to stoop that low, down to her level. To me she was not even worth the trouble I just don't communicate with her anymore.