Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fall is Upon Us

Happy Fall! The holidays are upon us, which means good memories are in store -- as well as LOTS of work! I always think of what's ahead in the coming weeks: the family from out-of-town, the meals to shop for and prepare, the decorating to be done, the gifts to be selected and bought. Not to mention school, which is still in session, those jobs we must keep working, and oh yes, the house still needs to function!

I've been learning the importance of taking time for me, even if I have to schedule it in like a regular activity. I need time to do what makes my heart sing, what renews me, and I am better for it. I hope you'll take a moment during this time to visit thebrownmommy.com, share what's going on with you in the forum, and reflect on your year -- you never know, someone might find strength in your experience! See you there!


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